Accidents Do Not Happen With Modern Handguns!

Accidents do not happen with modern handguns! With the invention of internal safeties, it is hard to make a firearm discharge without actually pulling on the trigger. There are two types of safeties on handguns: manual safeties and passive safeties. Let us look at both and discuss how they work.
A manual safety turns on and off like a light switch. When the safety is placed on, the trigger is completely disabled. When it is turned off, the trigger is now allowed to engage in the firing process.
Passive safeties generally work off the actual trigger press. Most of these handguns do not have manual safeties but there are a few models that will give you the option for both. Think of a draw bridge when imagining these types of safeties. When the trigger is forward with no pressure on it, the draw bridge stays up not allowing any cars to cross. When the trigger is pulled, the draw bridge is lowered and cars can cross the bridge. The cars represent the firing pin or striker. On these types of safeties you generally have a trigger safety which does not allow the trigger to be pulled unless there is good surface contact on the trigger itself. Finally, a return spring usually pulls the trigger forward after the shot so the draw bridge which represents the firing pin block safety is put back in place.
In conclusion, a firearm can have as many safeties as you can imagine. The golden rule here is the firearm is only as safe as the person operating it. There are no accidents with firearms- there is only gross negligence. A modern firearm working properly cannot shoot itself. Anytime you hear of an accident, think negligence. TREAT ALL FIREARMS LIKE THEY ARE LOADED; whether they are UNLOADED OR LOADED!

Train hard and Train safe
Jimmy Creed
Firearms Instructor
Training Coordinator


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