Why I Go To An Indoor Shooting Range


By Micah C.

My name is Micah and I’m 25 years young living in Albuquerque, NM. I enjoy shooting, but let me tell you why, because it might not be the reason you think. When I shoot, it is not about the power trip that some people get holding a rifle, and it is not about throwing a Bill of Rights while I am open carrying at restaurants. I mean, you are well within your rights to do that, though you might not get your Bill of Rights back, so bring a spare.

I shoot because as I line the front sight into the rear sight and then onto the target, I’m not thinking about that I need to find a real job after I’m out of college this semester. I’m not thinking about the balance of my checking account after I withdraw this month’s rent and groceries. I’m not thinking about the fact that my insomnia is starting to catch up with me, or that I have a youth event that needs coordinating at the end of the month, or that I have to talk to my supervisor about the fact that I will not be working at the company anymore starting this summer.

Instead I’m focusing on the grip of my handgun, with my left hand gripped tight and pulling in while my right hand is gripped high and pushing out. I’m lost in the alignment of my sights as they’re centered on the red dot in the middle of the target. I’m praying that I finally get that trigger squeeze just right, and that I’ll finally stop shooting low left. The trigger breaks as I squeeze it like thin ice, the gun pushes up and back against my grip, and as I bring the target back I realize that yep, low left. At least the grouping is tight.

I do not know if you have a tattoo of Bloomberg and signed photo of Nancy Pelosi, or if you’ve committed the Constitution to memory, but I know shooting has helped me. After bringing that target back and realizing that yep, still a terrible shot, thinking about that job I need to find becomes a lot easier. Realizing that I don’t need to go in debt to afford groceries becomes a lot clearer, and planning that youth event is a lot more straightforward.

It might not be as useful for you as it was for me, but maybe you will visit an indoor shooting range, shoot, and think that you really just should have caught up on Downton Abby, because Maggie Smith is wonderful. That’s cool. Maybe though you will visit Calibers’ Indoor shooting range, shoot, and something will click. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s something you can lose yourself in. You might only think the mechanics behind it are interesting and end up grabbing a membership on your way out for the next time you visit Calibers indoor shooting range or just a super shooter card; which is basically like a frequent loyalty card for indoor shooting. Hey, you can’t learn to stop that flinch at home.

Calibers offers buy, sell, and trade; which a lot of people were not aware of. It is also quite convenient to shop online at CalibersUSA.com when I need to reload for my next indoor shooting visit.


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