Albuquerque’s Indoor Shooting Range. We welcome experienced and new firearm users.

Inddoor Shooting Range
Climate Controlled Indoor Shooting Range at Calibers Shooters Sports Center

Why Calibers Shooters Sports Center?

If you are located in the Albuquerque metro area, then you may have heard of us; Calibers Shooters Sports Center.  Calibers is the only climate controlled indoor shooting range in New Mexico.  The business was established back in 1997 and still standing strong today.

One of our goal is to provide the with city a place to safely enjoy the sports of shooting. However, Calibers offers more than just an indoor shooting range.  New firearm users are encouraged to visit our facilities.  Learning in a safe and comfortable environment with knowledgeable staffs is always ideal when you are starting to familiarize yourself with something you are currently not accustom to.

If you are ever interested in coming by to give us a try, our shooting range daily fee starts at only $20 per visit.  When you feel more comfortable, you can also purchase our Super Shooter Cards.  You basically prepare for your range visit, but save more money from prepaying.  A 10 visit Super Shooter Card will cost $149.99 before tax.  If you visit 10 times without the Super Shooter Card, it would cost $200.00 before tax.  Yup, that’s $50 back in your pocket.  Here’s another added note.  You do not have to be a gun owner to shoot at Calibers.  We also have guns for rent starting at only $10.


4340 Cutler Ave NE, Albuquerque, NM 87110 505-797-9715

Both of our facilities have full on staff Master Instructors to help guild your experience and make sure that your first time is memorable.  Our Master Instructors also teaches multiple classes that are held at the facilities.  Calibers offers great CCW (Concealed Carry Weapon) classes as well as Lady’s Only classes.

Did you know that the state of New Mexico requires that you take a 16 hour class before you can conceal carry?  If you did not, then now you do.

Calibers Shooters Sports Center Training Class

So now you know that you can visit Calibers to shoot in our indoor range, take training classes.  Here is some additional information you may not have known.  We buy guns.  We sell guns.  We trade guns.  Yes, we buy, sell and trade.  Do not hesitate to give us a call, better ye, do not hesitate to come visit either one of our locations in Albuquerque.

Farmington, New Mexico location coming soon.


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