1943 Military Issued Colt M1911A1-U.S. Army

lloyd-barrowRecently, our Gunsmith Shop received a 1943 Military issues Colt M1911A1-U.S. Army for some minor restoration and cleaning. Without question, the most famous United States military handgun of the 20th century. This firearm was carried throughout the Pacific by Lieutenant Colonel Lloyd E. Barron. Read his incredible story, told by his son, Rex Barron.

“My father, Lloyd E. Barron, was a big man – standing tall at 6’3″. He was handsome with a profound bass voice. He played football at Gettysburg college and studied chemistry while there. He was also part of the ROTC program.

In 1941, the war came to America during WWII. My dad was called, and spent three years with the 43rd infantry pushing the Japanese army island to island, back towards the homeland. He participated in many campaigns. Among them, the Solomon Islands and the Philippines, earning a silver star, a bronze star, and a purple heart along the way. He carried the scar on his thigh from a bullet from a Japanese machine gun that was (fortunately), firing erratically. His men loved him and were honored to serve with him.

My father left the military a Lieutenant Colonel. When he returned home, he saw his three-year-old son for the first time. He and my mother eventually had two more sons. He retired after working for forty years at DuPont. We lost my dad in 1988, at the age of 75.”




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