New handguns at Shot Show 2017

Pistols and Revolvers


New pistols and revolvers are introduced every year at the SHOT Show, and the 2017 show will be no different. I know that Smith & Wesson has been preparing a commercial launch of the updated M&P line of handguns, which could be one of the major announcements we will see.

Regardless of what is shown, the staff will be there to bring you all of the photos, video and information on the new handguns for 2017.

Seen and/or Announced at the Show

Smith & Wesson @ Industry Day at the Range


Smith & Wesson had all of their new guns at Media Day including the new M&P 2.0 pistols. I’ve got one of these new handguns waiting on me at my local dealer, so I hope to have a review on these up shortly after returning from the show.



Smith & Wesson also had its new and re-introduced revolvers on hand. Possibly my favorite is the Model 69 Combat Master in .44 Magnum. The company is also introducing a Model 66 in .357 Magnum – which I also have coming to me for review.


S&W had the below gun on hand. The rep I spoke with was not familiar with it other than it was not something that Smith & Wesson would be offering as a catalog item. It was equipped with a wealth of Apex gear, so I am guessing it is some kind of special gun that might be auctioned for charity.


Hudson H9


Hudson Mfg was on hand with its new 9mm pistols. This gun is a unique expression of modern handgun technology, and it is definitely one to watch in 2017. I had a chance to shoot one of the guns and was very impressed by the crispness of the trigger, and its very short reset.

Frankly, I wasn’t sure I would like these guns when they were announced. The H9 looked good, but I didn’t know if there was any punch behind the pretty face. Recoil was very mild, the guns we were running ran great and everyone I met from the company were people that I instantly took a liking to due to their candidness about the pistol.


After the show is over, you can expect to see a more in-depth article about these new guns including a more detailed look at the evolution of the design from start to finish.

New STI Pistols

STI is launching a number of new pistols at the SHOT Show, and had them on hand at the Industry Day at the Range event here in Boulder City. Here are a few of the guns:

Costa Something


I didn’t catch the significance of this pistol, but it has the Costa name on it so it will be huge in Japan (I joke…) I’ll try to get additional information on this gun later. It may be a limited run to raise money for a charity.

DVC Carry


This is a new 9mm single stack model that has a DLC (diamond like carbon) finish and 3.9” barrel. The thumb safety is ambidextrous, and it has a tritium front sight and a read sight with a flat leading edge. The MSRP is $2,999.

DVC Tactical


This gun is similar to the DVC Carry but with a 5” barrel. Also, the new introduction covers both 9mm and .45 ACP versions of the gun. It carries the same price tag as the DVC Carry.

DVC Steel


This is a pure race gun that is chambered in both 9mm and .38 Super. It has a hard chrome finish that was exceptionally difficult to photograph. Although the photo isn’t bad, it is much prettier in person. It has a retail price of $3,999.

H.O.S.T. DS 4.0


This is another of the company’s new single stack pistols. It is chambered for both the 9mm and .45 ACP cartridges. Along with a threaded 4.15” barrel, the gun has raised sights to see over a suppressor and a pre-milled slide for the easy installation of an optic. The MSRP is $3,199.

H.O.S.T. SS 5.0


Similar to the DS 4.0 above, this gun is also pre-milled for an optic. It also has a threaded 5” barrel and suppressor sights. In addition to the 9mm and .45 ACP, this gun can be had in 10mm. Full retail is $2,699.

Updated Taurus Curve


At Industry Day at the Range, Taurus had its updated Curve pistol on hand. This is the gun that literally has a curve in the frame with the intention that it better fit the shape of a person’s hip when carried IWB. The new gun uses a Virdian light and laser that instantly activates when drawn. This replaces the light and laser previously supplied by LaserLyte.

I shot one of these updated guns and found that the red laser was visible on a white target (in this case a 3D clown target.) However, on darker areas of the target the daylight simply made the aiming point too difficult to see. This isn’t a surprise as it is one of the weaknesses of red lasers regardless of manufacture.


As expected, the gun shot fine and the felt recoil was much less than many of the uber-thin .380 pistols that are on the market.

Announced Prior to the Show

Smith & Wesson Performance Center 586 L-Comp


For those looking for a full framed revolver for self-defense, the Smith & Wesson Performance Center has a tuned 586 that might be of interest. This L-frame revolver is chambered in .357 Magnum and holds 7 rounds in the cylinder. The Performance Center ports the barrel to reduce muzzle climb and installs a Trijicon night sight just behind the port. The Performance Center tunes the action to give it a smooth DA trigger pull and a crisp SA pull. One of these will set you back $1,208.

Smith & Wesson Performance Center 642


One of my favorite workhorse guns for concealed carry is the Model 642. This is a J-frame, 5-shot revolver with a concealed hammer (often called hammerless, though that is not technically accurate) and short barrel. Chambered in .38 Special, I’ve had one of these guns with me on a regular basis since 1996.

for 2017, the Performance Center released a new version of this classic handgun. The gun has a tuned action (something it definitely needs) plus some nice eye candy like polished flutes on the cylinder and polished screws. The cylinder is cut for moon clips and the trigger is chrome plated. The full retail price is only $536, which seems pretty darn cheap considering the tuned action before any of the cosmetic stuff is done.

Bond’s Unnamed 6″


Bond Arms is introducing a 6″ model of the company’s two-shot handgun. While the gun appears ready, the company does not yet have a name. It is running a contest on Facebook right now if you have any ideas. Tell them sent you. If you come up with the winning name, Bond Arms says it will send you one of the guns.

Hudson H9


A new gun from a new company: The Hudson H9. This is a 9mm pistol that takes a number of design cues from the 1911 platform. Unlike a 1911, it is striker fired and uses a trigger safety. It is interesting, with a number of curious features like how low the recoil spring assembly is in the pistol. I look forward to trying one of these out. Basics: 9mm with 15+1 capacity, G10 grips, Trijicon sights, 4.28″ barrel, 34 ounce weight. I hope to shoot one of these on Range Day and give you a first hand account on how it shoots.

Ruger Redhawk – 8 Shot, .357 Magnum


Ruger announced the company would now sell an 8-shot, .357 Magnum revolver in the Redhawk line. These new handguns have an unfluted cylinder (like the new S&W 986 below), 2.75″ barrel and adjustable sights. Ruger opted to use a red insert front sight which is helpful to those of us with aging eyes. The revolver is not a pocket gun, but would still be good for CCW. The unloaded weight is 44 ounces.Ruger’s MSRP is $1,079 on these.

Smith & Wesson 986 – 9mm, 2.5″ Barrel


This 9mm revolver comes out of the S&W Performance Center. It features a 7-shot, unfluted titanium cylinder, bossed mainspring, custom barrel with recessed precision crown, tuned action and custom wood grips. I really like the look of this one. The asking price is $1,129.

Colt Cobra


I knew that for several years Colt had been working on returning a double action revolver to its line-up. Well, it finally happened. Welcome to the new Cobra. This is a six-shot .38 +P revolver that is suitable for concealed carry. It doesn’t look like a pocket gun, but it is certainly good for an IWB rig. The MSRP will be $699.

Smith & Wesson M&P 2.0


Prior to the show, Smith & Wesson announced its new 2.0 series of Smith & Wesson M&P pistols. The exact details were still a bit sketchy, so I think the company was not prepared for the leaks about the new guns at TheFirearmBlog and other sites. There are a number of features not confirmed or mentioned in the press release, so I will hit the S&W booth early and try to nail down the exact details on these handguns at the show.

Polymer80 PF940c 80% Frame


Polymer80 will start selling the new Glock 19-sized 80% frames in early 2017, and the company will have demos of the new frames at the SHOT Show. Having built a full size G17 clone with one of the Polymer80 frames, I am really looking forward to trying one of these as well.

CZ P-10


CZ announced several models of the new P-10 ahead of the show. The models include FDE frames and versions with a threaded barrel for use with a sound suppressor.

Coonan 9mm, 10mm Pistols


The Coonan name became famous for putting the .357 Magnum in the 1911 frame. For 2017, the company will now offer 1911-style pistols in both 9mm and 10mm. The new guns use pivoting triggers, linkless barrels and external extractors to keep things running.

Dan Wesson PM-C


Dan Wesson will introduce a new 1911-style pistol called the PM-C. The new 9mm pistol matches a commander length slide with an officer sized frame. It follows the styling of the larger Pointman 1911 but with the shorter grip. It has a fiber optic front sight with a combat rear sight. The MSRP is $1,597.

Chiappa White Rhino


Chiappa Firearms announced the company would be showing a 3″ Rhino with a new ‘crackled’ white finish with a contrasting black cylinder and G10 grips. The White Rhino is chambered for the .357 Magnum cartridge and will retail for $1,465.



The Standard Manufacturing Company announced it would now begin making and selling 1911 style pistols. The first gun, the STD-1911, will be shown at the SHOT Show in 2017. It will feature a 5″ match barrel and be chambered in .45 ACP. Although I don’t see anything that really distinguishes it from a lot of other 1911 pistols already on the market, I do look forward to seeing the gun for myself.

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