New rifles/shotguns at Shot Show 2017

Shotguns, Rifles and Naughty NFA


As with handguns, there are all kinds of long gun introductions made at this trade show including new rifle calibers. One of the fastest growing categories, however, has been NFA items. NFA (National Firearms Act) items include short barrel rifles, sound suppressors and other tools.


We will have complete information on the newest guns in this section.

Seen and/or Announced at the Show

(stay tuned!)

Announced Prior to the Show

Here are all of the rifles, shotguns and SBR/SBS announcements made prior to the January show.

FightLite MXR



FightLite will introduce the MXR platform at the SHOT Show. The MXR will come in submachine gun form for government purchase, and in pistol and rifle models for the rest of us. The base gun is chambered in 9mm, but is designed to easily convert to other calibers including .22 LR and .45 ACP. The guns are designed to feed from different handgun magazines such as those made by Glock and SIG SAUER. For those not familiar with the name FightLite, this is simply the new company name for Ares Defense.

Savage MSR 10 Series


Savage Arms added a number of new AR-style rifles to its catalog this year, including a pair of MSR 10 rifles: the Hunter and the Long Range. The MSR 10 Hunter is available in .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor with a Picatinny railed upper and Blackhawk parts that include the Blaze trigger, pistol grip and adjustable length stock. The MSR 20 Long Range is available in the same calibers, but is fitted with the very popular Magpul PRS buttstock.

Savage MSR 15 Series

Savage also added a pair of .223 Wylde guns to its stable. One is called the Recon while the second is the Patrol. Both are fitted with Blackhawk gear. These guns have barrels with button rifling and Melonite finishes. I’ll have more information on these from the show and range.

TNW Firearms Release CA Compliant Carbine


TNW Firearms announced the Aero Survival Rifle would now be sold in a California complaint model equipped with a Thordsen stock. These new rifles still disassemble for easy storage and will be available in 9mm, .40 S&W, .357 SIG, 10mm and .45 ACP. The carbines use Glock magazines and do not need a bullet button.

Bergara B14 HMR


Bergara Rifles announced a new precision long gun called the B14 HMR. This new rifle uses a mini chassis, the company’s B14 action and 4140 steel barrels to produce sub MOA bolt guns in both .308 Win and 6.5 Creedmoor. These guns use AICS magazines.

Cobalt Kinetics Stealth


The Stealth is a 300 BLK SBR in a PDW configuration. It has a 9″ barrel, collapsable stock and is designed to run with a direct attach suppressor. Since this is a NFA item, a suppressor makes it a two stamp gun. I would like to see the gun made with an integral suppressor for a single stamp. Plus, with the nearly $4,000 price tag a suppressor would be a nice “value add.”

Bushmaster Minimalist


The Minimalist is an AR-style rifle offered in 300 BLK and 5.56 NATO. The guns, unloaded and without sights, weigh 6 pounds with a 16″ 1:8″ barrel, rifle length handguard and the Mission First Tactical Minimalist stock. Bushmaster installs an ALG Advanced Combat Trigger standard on these. MSRP is $1,169.

The Little Badger Gets Mean


Chiappa announced the company would now sell the Little Badger rifle chambered in .17 WSM. If you are not familiar with the .17 WSM, it is a rimfire round that can push a 20 grain bullet to 3,000 fps. The Little Badger will remain a minimalist kind of gun that folds in half for compact storage.

Noveske Gen III OMW Rifle


Noveske announced the company would be selling a carbine called the Gen III OMW. A portion of the profits from the new gun would go to the One More Wave non-profit that builds special surfboards for injured vets. The rifle is chambered in 300 BLK and has a mix of Geissele and Magpul parts. It looks like a great gun, but carries a MSRP of $2,350.

ADR-15 NIB Battleworn


Legal Manufacturing will show off its new ADR-15, an AR-type rifle with the NIB Battleworn finish. Long story short: its a cool rifle with a cool finish. The 4150 barrel has a 1:7 twist and the hand guard can be had with either KeyMod or M-LOK attachment points. Asking price: $1,999.99.

Caracal CAR816 A2


Caracal previously announced the 816, a DI-type AR clone. The new gun, the CAR816 A2, uses a short stroke piston system to run the rifle. The gas system is adjustable so you can tune it for suppressed running, single shot, etc. Select fire models will be available for government agencies while semi-automatic guns will be available to the general public. Barrel lengths will run from 10.5″ to 16″. The MSRP will be $1,850.

Adler Arms Lever Action Shotguns


Adler Arms will be back at the SHOT Show this year and will be showing its line of lever action shotguns. Right now, the company looks to be introduce its latest camo pattern hunting shotgun to US customers.


I’m hoping some of its other, less conventional guns will also be sold here.


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