CCW SAFE – Legal Service Membership


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CCW Safe is the only solution for concealed carriers that offers an immediate response including attorneys, investigators, expert witnesses and real Critical Incident Response Team with no out-of-pocket expenses.  


CCW Safe is a legal membership plan that was designed for CCW permit/ license holders and law enforcement officers, both active and retired.  CCW Safe is not an insurance plan that only reimburses if you are found not guilty of all charges.  The member pays fa flat yearly fee and enters into a legal agreement with the company who is obligated to provide the service listed in the agreement.  CCW Safe then takes on the burden of the out-of-pocket expenses associated with defending a self defense incident such as; attorney fees, investigator costs, trial expenses and expert witness costs.  CCW Safe does not have the conflicts of an insurance product because the company is designed to indemnify the cost of the incident and not the outcome of the trials.  It is not a reimbursement package and no maney is requried to be paid back to the company, regardless of the outcome.

CCW Safe is the only service driven solution for concealed carries that cover all 50 states.   Members are covered in any state that honors their permit for no additional cost.  CCW Safe members are also covered in those states that do not honor their permit in locations within those states where they can legally possess firearms.

One of the major difference between CCW Safe and other concealed carry insurance or service companies is the level of experts in the various fields that encompass our services, including lawyers, investigators, experts witnesses and a real Critical Incident Response Team.


CCW Safe is based on past service and experience of its founders, who were members of Police Unions at local, state and federal levels.  Their Unions gave them the comfort of being covered from the first moment of the incident if charges were presented of if sued. After a year of research and design the company was founded in 2011 and is the first of its kind being based on the law enforcement union model.

CRIMINAL PROSECUTION – CCW Safe defends our members against criminal prosecution stemming from a self defense incident.

CIVIL LITIGATION – CCW Safe defends our members against civil litigation stemming from a self defense incident.

ADMINISTRATIVE ACTION – CCW Safe defends our members against administrative actions against your concealed carry permit or license steaming from a self denese incident.

ATTORNEY SERVICE – The member will have an experience attorney in self defense incidents assigned to the case that is chosen and paid for by CCW Safe (This may not be the same attorney that arrives to conduct the legal triage).  CCW Safe will take care of all the legal fees associated with the court proceedings, both criminal and civil, excluding the damages and judgement against the member.  CCW Safe will cover materials and retrials.

INVESTIGATOR BENEFITS – The member will have access to experienced investigators who will perform a thorough follow-up investigation on their behalf.  These will be seasoned former homicide detectives with years of experience in cases involving use of deadly force (by law enforcement and civilians).  The investigator will work under the assigned attorney to assist, and other investigators will do a thorough background investigation on the suspect.  All of the fees associated with the investigator will be paid for by CCW Safe.

EXPERT WITNESSES – The member will have access to quality expert witnesses associated with CCW Safe.  Other experts from across the nation could be hired as well, as part of the defense strategy.  These experts include those who specialize in deadly force cases, use of force, forearms, forensic science and human behavior.  All of the fees associated with the expert witnesses (to include deposition hearings) will be paid for CCW Safe.


Military/LE  $99

Military/LE with additional bond  $149

Single  $129

Single with additional bond  $179

Dual  $199

Dual with additional bond  $279

Standard bond coverage  $250,000

Added bond coverage  $1,000,000

(CCW Safe covers 10% of the bond)

Standard coverage also includes.

  • wage loss coverage during trial
  • peer support
  • professional counselling
  • firearms replacements

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