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Calibers’ concealed carry training course is one of the most comprehensive courses offered in the state of New Mexico. This course meets and exceeds the requirements of the New Mexico Concealed Handgun Carry Act of 2003. Held over two days, you’ll receive expert guidance in the nuances of carrying a concealed firearm in New Mexico. We’ll give you the mental tools to prevail from firearms safety, selection, and marksmanship to defensive mindset, controlling a violent encounter, and using deadly force.

Our concealed carry courses are led by the best and most experienced instructors in the state of New Mexico. Their diverse backgrounds and experience are invaluable when preparing students to carry a concealed handgun.

 After successfully completing the training course and required firearms qualification, each student will receive a certificate of completion which will allow them to complete the permit application process.

 Calibers cannot guarantee the availability of ammunition. We will do our best to maintain a stock of ammunition for the qualification but we strongly recommend you call to make sure we have the caliber you require for your qualification.

 Calibers has a wide selection of rental firearms for you to use during the qualification at no additional charge. If you choose to utilize our rental firearms you will be required to use ammunition purchased from one of our locations.

 If you have any questions, please contact us at

September 2016

  • 9/10/2016     8:00am     Saturday     Coors Location      by Tony Otero
  • 9/10/2016     8:00am     Saturday     Cutler Location     by John Mallory
  • 9/24/2016     8:00am     Saturday     Cutler Location     by John Mallory


The New Mexico Concealed Carry Process:

  1. Fill out your NM Concealed Carry application during our class
  2. Get fingerprinted. This is done for you Saturday evening following the CCW class
  3. Get your release of medical information notarized (This form is provided with your New Mexico Concealed Carry Application during the class – Additional fees may apply for notary.)
  4. Pickup your Certificate of Completion, (Please allow one week for processing)
  5. Get your original birth certificate or certified copy
  6. Take all required paperwork down to the New Mexico Department of Public Safety and pay your $100 application fee
  7. Wait 30-90 days to receive your permit in the mail

Price $229.99


Concealed Permit:
Shall Issue to Residents only

Out Of State Permit Issue:
New Mexico does not issue permits to non-residents.

NICS/Background Check:
The department shall conduct an appropriate check of available records and shall forward the applicant’s fingerprints to the federal bureau of investigation for a national criminal background check.