Lefaucheux Pinfire Revolvers

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Lefaucheux Pinfire Revolvers

by Dennis Adler

As early as December 1861, it had become clear to both Abraham Lincoln and Jefferson Davis that the Union and the Confederacy would need to import longarms and revolvers from Europe in order to equip the tens of thousands of volunteers fighting on both sides of the Mason-Dixon line. Although the need was far greater for the Southern states, where arms-making was no a widespread industry, even in the more industrialized North the burden of war wold soon outstrip production.


In 1862 President Lincoln commissioned Marcellus Hartley, a partner in the New York firearm-importing firm of Schuyler, Hartley & Graham, to supply the Union with French Lefaucheux revolvers and ammunition. The Lefaucheux was to become the fourth most commonly used revolver in the American Civil War, surpassed only by the Colt, Remington and Starr percussion pistols.


More Than a Decade Ahead of American Makers

By the mid 1840’s, rimfire cartridges were already in use throughout Europe, and by 1854 the first center-fire ammunition had been developed – thus the Europeans were more than a decade ahead of American armsmakers. There was, however, a third type of metallic cartridge, the pinfire, invented in 1843 by French gunmaker Casimir Lefaucheux. His innovative design, which used a small brass pin protruding from the cartridge to ignite an internal primer cap, was so well-received throughout Europe that by the late 1840’s, armsmakers were manufacturing revolvers, rifles, and even shotguns to work with a variety of Lefaucheux pinfire ammunition. The pinfire was an ingenious design; the spent cartridges could even be reloaded.


Although Lefaucheux died in 1842, his son Eugene continued his father’s work and in 1854 patented his own invention: the bored-through cylinder. He received his French patent on April 15, 1854, a full year before American Rollin Whit’s U.S. patent for the same design, By 1857, when Smith & Wesson introduced its first .22 rimfire revolver, the Massachusetts armsmaker had purchased the rights to the White patent, thus giving S&W the exclusive right to manufacture revolvers with bored-through, breechloading cylinders in the United States. This would prove to be a great impediment to arming the North, as White and S&W aggressively litigated every patent infringement, putting several small U.S. armsmakers out of business during the war.


Since S&W was years away from designing its first large-caliber cartridge revolver and was effectively preventing any other U.S. manufacturer from making them, between 1862 and 1865 the Union and Confederacy imported thousands of Lefaucheux revolvers. The U.S. Ordnance Dept. purchased 1,900 pinfire revolvers through Hartley and another 10,000 under direct contract during the war. The Confederacy followed suit, as well as purchasing pinfire versions of the Sough’s most powerful revolver, the nine-shot LeMat, manufactured in France and Belgium.


The Ordnance Men

On the Union side, Marcellus Hartley handled the majority of requisitions for imported firearms. A key figure in American industry (importing pinfire arms and ammunition before, during and after the war), Hartley was also responsible for establishing the Union Metallic Cartridge Co., one of only three American firms known to have manufactured and marketed pinfire ammunition in any quantity. UMC eventually became one of America’s most important ammunition manufacturers.

Immediately after the attack on Fort Sumter in April 1861, Jefferson Davis sent Capt. Caleb Huse on a mission to Europe to evaluate the purchase and importation of arms for the Confederacy. At the start of the was thousands of Southerners went into battle with little more that an issued musket, if one was available, and a single-shot flintlock or percussion pistol – arms that had been out of date since the Mexican-American War of the 1840’s. This is not to say that Southern states did not manufacture guns; quite the contrary. Southern gunmakers were very skilled but more accustomed to handcrafting sporting rifles, fowling pieces, and dueling pistols. They were disinclined toward mass production; that had always been the work of Northern manufacturers, such as Colt’s and Remington.

Before the was there had been many retailers such as Mitchell & Tyler, Kent, Paine & Co., and Samuel Sutherland in Richmond, Va; Hyde & Goodrich in New Orleans and other prestigious firms across the Sough that imported fine pistols and longarms from Europe, thus the Sough was, by nature, more accustomed to foreign-made arms.


The Union’s Cartridge Confusion

European-made pinfire cartridges were designated in millimeters, which, for the U.S Ordnance Dept., already burdened with far too many different guns and caliber at the start of the war, made the pinfire cartridges a considerable issue to sort out. The French- and Belgian-made guns were made in an assortment of chamberings including 7 mm, 10 mm and 15 mm. The 12 mm (roughly a .44) was among the most commonly used, although more exotic Belgian pinfire revolvers with as many as 20 chambers in a massive double-stacked cylinder were chambered in 7 mm and 10 mm.


It is interesting to note that payments for guns procured in England by the Confederacy were often made in trade for cotton because Confederate currency had so little value outside of the Southern States. Cotton was a badly needed commodity in Great Britain, which gave the South an advantage in purchase negotiations. By early 1863, Caleb Huse, promoted to the rank of major by Jefferson Davis, had shipped thousand of British, French and Belgian pinfire revolvers and long arms to the Confederacy, thus becoming a pivotal figure in the Civil War. An 1851 graduate of West Point (seventh in his class) he served at West Point from 1852 to 1860 when he was appointed commander of cadets at the University of Alabama.

At the start of the war he resigned his position to join his former West Point commandant, Robert E. Lee, in support of the Confederate cause. Though he first served in the Army, his knowledge of firearms made him a perfect choice for Ordnance.


Living until age 74, Huse was one of the oldest Civil War veterans. He died on March 12, 1905 at his home in Highland Falls, N.Y. After the war he founded the Highland Falls Academy, also known as “The Rocks,” a military preparatory school designed for young men who planned to attend West Point. Among his early students was a young soldier named John J. Pershing.


The guns imported from England, Belgium and France, both before and during the war, played a significant role in not only arming the Confederacy, both the Union as well. One could say that the British and the French were dispassionate, openly selling arms to both sides. While that is certainly one view, Samuel Colt (as well as other Northern armsmakers who were still delivering guns to the South at the beginning of the war) would have simply considered it good business.


Gunsmiths. Finding the Right One

gunsmithing-sept-21-2016A good gunsmith may not be part of your shooting gear, but it’s certainly an essential component to keeping your shooting life smooth-running and fully functional. From critical repairs and precision help updating and accessorizing to annual detailed cleanings of your firearms, a gunsmith can ultimately be a key factor in keeping a fine shooting firearm from turning into a paperweight or museum relic. But just as you wouldn’t trust your important car or home repairs to just any random person, you should do a little homework before your gun breaks or you need help mounting a sight, rail, stock or other item before a hunting trip or shooting outing. It’s not enough that a guy (or girl) calls themselves a gunsmith and works in a gun shop; you’ll want to be sure they have the right skills and can perform the work you need with your specific firearm(s).
Specific gunsmithing experience is just as important as knowing how to use a wide range of tools. You’ll find that the best gunsmiths are real craftsmen, and they’re proud of their handy work. That’s another important quality to look for when selecting a gunsmith. A common mistake (and sometimes very costly) is to select a gunsmith just because he lives nearby. It’s far better to select someone that has earned a good reputation doing the specific type of gunsmithing that you’re looking to have done.

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Game Changers

girl collage

The New Game Changers: 11 Women Who Are Redefining the Outdoors

These 11 outdoors women—pro anglers, big-game guides, bad-ass hunters, dead-eyes, and divas—are inspiring other females to take to the outdoors in record numbers.

In 1951, Joan Wulff won the National Fisherman’s Distance Casting event against an all-male field by casting a fly 131 feet. Brenda Valentine was shooting 10-rings with a compound bow in the ’80s. It was more than 25 years ago that Christine Thomas founded Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, and Melissa Bachman launched Deadly Passion Productions back in 2010. In short, highly skilled women excelling at hunting and fishing are nothing new.

But let’s face it: Historically, women have been underrepresented in the outdoor sports, and too often marginalized. That’s all changing. Thanks to the aforementioned pioneers and others like them, the number of outdoors women is now exploding—to the point that increased female participation is the biggest trend in our sports today. Just as important, women are carving their own space in the outdoors.

You already know some of the most prominent female faces, but a legion of women are making a difference on the grassroots level. Here are 11 hardcore hunters, anglers, and shooters, who by example and by outreach are making the outdoors a place where more women want to be.

read more


article courtesy Field & Stream magazine

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Private Lessons

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These lessons will focus on the primary responsibility of every firearm owner, safety. We will show you how to safely load, unload, store, and transport a firearm. This is an excellent format for people who are nervous  or simply curious about firearms.


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These lessons will focus on live fire training utilizing a pump action shotgun. Skills that will be discussed include reloading, malfunction clearing, recoil management, multiple threat engagement, and use of cover.

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Celebrating Mom

Mothers Day Email-01

By Dara

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  Some Mothers enjoy flowers and a cute little spring brunch.  Some Mothers are a little non-traditional like myself.

Yes, women are hard to read because we aren’t always direct.  We expect the men in our lives to read our minds and know us.  Women tends to pay attention to details.  We notice little details about our husband, so we expect the same in return.  However, that is not always case.  So let me help you break down a good Mother’s Day plan.

Gift Cards

How can you ever go wrong with a gift card?  She gets to choose what she wants instead of you guessing what she may need.  Gift cards are also great if she wants to purchase a firearm because you cannot buy that for her.  That would be a straw sale and that is a big no no.  Gun stores will not sell you a firearm if it is a straw sell.

Calibers Super Shooter Card

Not sure if she is ready for a the commitment of a membership, but want to bring her into the indoor shooting range for more than just one visit?  A Super Shooter Card is a great choice for this.  Think of it as a loyalty rewards card.  You come in 4 times and get the 5th one free.  The card is $79.99 for 5 visits vs $20 per daily range fee.  That saves you $20 to spend on some nice flowers or brunch.

A Planned Mother’s Day

  • Brunch / Flowers
  • A day at the indoor range after brunch
  • A visit to a cute little coffee shop after

Questions?  Concerns?  Need advice or ideas?  Leave a comment below.


Membership Breakdown. Which one is right for you?

One Year = 365 Days

Daily Range Fee:  $20

  • $20 x 365 days = $7300 for the year

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Example:  18 daily range visits = $360 vs $349.99 one year membership allows you to visit the range 365 days.

One Year Membership:  $349.99

  • $349.99 / 365 days = .95 cents per day

Let’s say you plan to go to the range only 1/4 of the entire year.  That is about 91 days of out of 365 days.  By purchasing a “One year membership”, you save $1,470.01.

1/4 days out of the year is about 91 days.  91 days x $20 daily range fee = $1,820 in daily range fee.

Here is another scenario.  $349.99 / 12 months = $29.16 per month.  Therefore even if you visit the range three times a month, you save $30.84.  It would have cost you $60 for three visits in a month on a daily range fee.

6 Month Membership: $279.49

  • $279.49 / 182 days (~ 6 months) = $1.53 per day

Let’s say you went a quarter of the time of your membership, that is about 45 days.  45 days in daily range fee would be $900.  Therefore, even if you visit the range a 1/4 of the time of the 6 month membership, you are saving $620.51.

Monthly Auto Debit:  $34.99

  • $34.99 / 30 days = $1.16 per day
  • $34.99 x 12 months = $419.88

If you visit the range 3 times a month, you save $25.01 vs the $20 daily range fee; which would end up costing you $60 for the 3 visits.

Monthly Auto Debit Memberships renew monthly until cancelled.

-Unlimited Use of All of our Indoor Shooting Ranges

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Why it pays to be a member

Range alibi
Climate Controlled Indoor Shooting Range

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited Use Of All Indoor Shooting Ranges
    • A normal daily range fee is $20 per visit.  If you purchased at one year membership, after your 18th visit to Calibers’ indoor shooting range, it is a huge saving.  There’s 365 days in a year.  Are you planning on coming to visit more than 18 times a year?  If you are, put those dollars back in your pocket and save by purchasing a one year membership.  Regular price is $349.99
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* Monthly Auto Debit Memberships renew monthly until cancelled

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Firearm Rentals
One of the Target options