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If you have been contemplating purchasing a membership to Calibers Shooters Sports Center in Albuquerque, New Mexico, then contemplate no more.  Calibers is currently holding our annual membership sale.  This only happens once a year and the savings are huge!

When you purchase any membership, you get the second membership free.  You must add 2 to the cart and use the coupon code: BOGO16.  This offer ends September 30, 2016.

What does it mean to be a member at Calibers?

Calibers Shooters Sports Center is the only climate controlled indoor shooting range in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  There will never be a rained out day because it is all indoors.

Members enjoy 10% off the purchase of all ammunition, training classes (including CCW; Concealed Carry License classes), and various merchandise.

Whether you looking for .22LR, .45 ACP or 9MM in any brand names, get 10% off your purchase.

Saving even more on firearm rentals.  That’s 50% anytime you want to rent a handgun, rifle, or shotgun to use at the shooting range.

Enjoy some relaxed time discussing your hobby with other members over coffee in the members only lounge.  This is available in all locations.

Please note that any monthly memberships purchased during the special will go back to the normal rate of $34.99 per person after 12 months from the sign-up date.

All Calibers’ Members receive the following benefits at all locations

  • Unlimited Use Of All Indoor Shooting Ranges
  • 1 Free Target Per Member Per Visit
  • 50% Off Handgun, Rifle, and Machinegun Rentals
  • 30% Off Firearm Transfer Fees
  • 10% Off Practice Ammunition, Training Classes, & Most Retail Items**
  • 5 Free Guest Passes with new or renewal
  • Call Ahead Lane Reservations – For Members Only
  • Additional Member Only Specials
  • Receive 1% in store credit for all the purchases you made at Calibers from the previous year. Spend it on any merchandise or services at Calibers.


NO SALES TAX Firearms / Guns / Handguns / Rifles / Shotguns


No sales tax.  Yes, you read that right.  If you are purchasing a firearm or any other firearm related merchandise from and you live outside the state of New Mexico, you do not have to pay for sales tax.

All of our firearms ships 2nd Day FedEx for only $9.99.  For great pricing on long guns such as rifles and shotguns, please call our customer service representatives at 1-505-038-3148.  Get it shipped to your FFL (Federal Firearm License) dealer for only $29.99. is located in the state of New Mexico.  If you live in the state of New Mexico, we will send you 2 FREE shooting range passes with your firearm order.  Please do not hesitate to give us a call at 1-505-938-2860.

Price Match Guaranteed

Found another retailer online that may be slightly cheaper?  No, problem.  E-mail us the link to and we’ll match that price.  Remember, it cannot be a sale price and must be in stock.


How to Buy a Gun Online (

You were browsing online for the latest deals on firearms.   You stumble upon a good website like and you want to buy the gun you saw, but what’s the next step?

  1. Add the firearm/gun you would like to buy to the shopping cart.
  2. Click “Checkout Now”.
  3. Either sign-in as a returning customer, create an account as a new customer, or checkout using express checkout.
  4. Enter your billing address.
  5. For shipping address, enter in your billing address.
  6. Select your shipping method.
  7. Enter in your payment information and submit.
  8. Contact your FFL Dealer to send a copy of their FFL to
  9. After our Online Department has received the license, we will adjust your shipping address to your FFL Dealer’s address.


Q:How much is shipping a handgun to my FFL Dealer?

A:  Handguns ship for $9.99 via FedEx 2 Days.


Q:  How much is shipping a rifle or a shotgun to my FFL Dealer?

A:  It depends on the weight of the firearm, but long guns can ship FedEx ground.


All firearms must be shipped from  to your local Federal Firearms License Dealer (FFL). Read below to learn how to complete your firearm order from Calibers.

It is your responsibility to check if the firearm is allowed in your state. 


Game Changers

girl collage

The New Game Changers: 11 Women Who Are Redefining the Outdoors

These 11 outdoors women—pro anglers, big-game guides, bad-ass hunters, dead-eyes, and divas—are inspiring other females to take to the outdoors in record numbers.

In 1951, Joan Wulff won the National Fisherman’s Distance Casting event against an all-male field by casting a fly 131 feet. Brenda Valentine was shooting 10-rings with a compound bow in the ’80s. It was more than 25 years ago that Christine Thomas founded Becoming an Outdoors-Woman, and Melissa Bachman launched Deadly Passion Productions back in 2010. In short, highly skilled women excelling at hunting and fishing are nothing new.

But let’s face it: Historically, women have been underrepresented in the outdoor sports, and too often marginalized. That’s all changing. Thanks to the aforementioned pioneers and others like them, the number of outdoors women is now exploding—to the point that increased female participation is the biggest trend in our sports today. Just as important, women are carving their own space in the outdoors.

You already know some of the most prominent female faces, but a legion of women are making a difference on the grassroots level. Here are 11 hardcore hunters, anglers, and shooters, who by example and by outreach are making the outdoors a place where more women want to be.

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article courtesy Field & Stream magazine

Celebrating Mom

Mothers Day Email-01

By Dara

Mother’s Day is right around the corner.  Some Mothers enjoy flowers and a cute little spring brunch.  Some Mothers are a little non-traditional like myself.

Yes, women are hard to read because we aren’t always direct.  We expect the men in our lives to read our minds and know us.  Women tends to pay attention to details.  We notice little details about our husband, so we expect the same in return.  However, that is not always case.  So let me help you break down a good Mother’s Day plan.

Gift Cards

How can you ever go wrong with a gift card?  She gets to choose what she wants instead of you guessing what she may need.  Gift cards are also great if she wants to purchase a firearm because you cannot buy that for her.  That would be a straw sale and that is a big no no.  Gun stores will not sell you a firearm if it is a straw sell.

Calibers Super Shooter Card

Not sure if she is ready for a the commitment of a membership, but want to bring her into the indoor shooting range for more than just one visit?  A Super Shooter Card is a great choice for this.  Think of it as a loyalty rewards card.  You come in 4 times and get the 5th one free.  The card is $79.99 for 5 visits vs $20 per daily range fee.  That saves you $20 to spend on some nice flowers or brunch.

A Planned Mother’s Day

  • Brunch / Flowers
  • A day at the indoor range after brunch
  • A visit to a cute little coffee shop after

Questions?  Concerns?  Need advice or ideas?  Leave a comment below.


Why it pays to be a member

Range alibi
Climate Controlled Indoor Shooting Range

Membership Benefits

  • Unlimited Use Of All Indoor Shooting Ranges
    • A normal daily range fee is $20 per visit.  If you purchased at one year membership, after your 18th visit to Calibers’ indoor shooting range, it is a huge saving.  There’s 365 days in a year.  Are you planning on coming to visit more than 18 times a year?  If you are, put those dollars back in your pocket and save by purchasing a one year membership.  Regular price is $349.99
  • 1 Free Target Per Member Per Visit
  • 50% Off Handgun, Rifle, and Machinegun Rentals
    • As a member, you get to try out all of our rentals at only half price.  Experience the full indoor climate controlled range with a variety of firearms to try out.
  • 30% Off Firearm Transfer Fees
  • 10% Off Practice Ammunition, Training Classes, & Most Retail Items**
  • 5 Free Guest Passes with new or renewal
  • 1% back in store credit on all merchandise purchased from previous year
  • Call Ahead Lane Reservations – For Members Only
  • Additional Member Only Specials
    • Be one of the first to know when we are having a special, promotion, or discount.  Get your hands on the latest deals first.

* Monthly Auto Debit Memberships renew monthly until cancelled

** Some restrictions may apply

*** Please bring in a copy of your Online Membership purchase. Upon initial visit, all new members must fill out annual membership and waiver forms.

Firearm Rentals
One of the Target options

New Inventory of Firearms Going Fast!




Walther PK380 .380 ACP Black and Purple Pistol 5050321

The PK380 is not just good looking. It is small and good looking. That makes the PK380 excellent for concealed carry. Its small grip is ideal for shooters with small hands. The slide is easy to operate, making it a good choice for women. The light weight goes unnoticed in a pocket or purse. Credit Walther Performance Design for another hit. Small is indeed beautiful. Continue reading “New Inventory of Firearms Going Fast!”

Albuquerque’s Indoor Shooting Range. We welcome experienced and new firearm users.

Inddoor Shooting Range
Climate Controlled Indoor Shooting Range at Calibers Shooters Sports Center

Why Calibers Shooters Sports Center?

If you are located in the Albuquerque metro area, then you may have heard of us; Calibers Shooters Sports Center.  Calibers is the only climate controlled indoor shooting range in New Mexico.  The business was established back in 1997 and still standing strong today.

One of our goal is to provide the with city a place to safely enjoy the sports of shooting. However, Calibers offers more than just an indoor shooting range.  New firearm users are encouraged to visit our facilities.  Learning in a safe and comfortable environment with knowledgeable staffs is always ideal when you are starting to familiarize yourself with something you are currently not accustom to.

If you are ever interested in coming by to give us a try, our shooting range daily fee starts at only $20 per visit.   Continue reading “Albuquerque’s Indoor Shooting Range. We welcome experienced and new firearm users.”

Why I Go To An Indoor Shooting Range


By Micah C.

My name is Micah and I’m 25 years young living in Albuquerque, NM. I enjoy shooting, but let me tell you why, because it might not be the reason you think. When I shoot, it is not about the power trip that some people get holding a rifle, and it is not about throwing a Bill of Rights while I am open carrying at restaurants. I mean, you are well within your rights to do that, though you might not get your Bill of Rights back, so bring a spare.

I shoot because as I line the front sight into the rear sight and then onto the target, I’m not thinking about that I need to find a real job after I’m out of college this semester. I’m not thinking about the balance of my checking account after I withdraw this month’s rent and groceries. Continue reading “Why I Go To An Indoor Shooting Range”

Safety as a Skill Set

Since beginning my career as a professional firearms instructor over 6 years ago,I have had the opportunity to experience a wide variety of ability levels. Every single individual I’ve encountered has had a common thread, they have all had deficiencies in their firearm safety. Whether they are a seasoned IDPA competitor or a brand new shooter, they have all needed remedial training in safe firearm handling. I believe that there is a very simple explanation for this. Ask yourself, when was the last time I practiced safety? Most people believe that firearms practice consists of loading up your range bag and firing off a couple boxes at the range. They pack up their gear with a warm fuzzy feeling of accomplishment and head out into the world thinking they are tuned up and ready. Unfortunately, the entire time they were “practicing”, they had their finger at an inappropriate place and muzzled themselves and their fellow shooters multiple times. This happens not because they are stupid or jerks but because they failed to achieve competency in the basic building blocks of firearm ownership. Let’s examine these building blocks in the context of Maslow’s Learning Stages:

Unconscious Incompetency- You don’t know that you don’t know how to do the skill. Proper application of the skill is next to impossible.

Conscious Incompetency- You know how to do the skill, you just can’t yet.

Conscious Competency- You know how to do the skill but you have to actively think about it to properly apply it.

Unconscious Competency- You have internalized the skill and ingrained it into muscle memory.

Using this paradigm, we can analyze our own ability. For instance, a person who does not know the four cardinal rules of firearm safety would clearly be in the first stage. A person who know the rules but cannot apply them would be in the second stage. A person who knows the rules but can only apply them consistently with active conscious thought would be in stage three. Finally, a person who can put the rules into their own words and apply them consistently regardless of distractions would be in the fourth stage. Using this framework, let’s dive into the obvious (and not so obvious) issues with each stage.

We all understand that failure to consistently and rigidly apply firearm safety can end up in tragedy. If you have not sought out professional guidance in firearm handling, I guarantee you are somewhere in the first two stages. Operating a tool such as a firearm in these stages is akin to drunk driving. If you have participated in formal training sessions but haven’t progressed that education with personal practice, you are more than likely in stage three. The problem with stage three is associated with a core psychological fact, humans cannot parallel process. We can’t do math and English homework concurrently. What humans are adept at is task switching. This means we can rapidly switch between tasks almost seamlessly. Issues arise however when a particular task overrides our switching instinct and forces us to task fixate. Once we task fixate all other tasks cease temporarily in our mind. Translated into firearms safety, we commonly see people with good finger and muzzle discipline turn to talk with a neighbor or bend down to pick up a piece of ammunition and muzzle themselves and other people. The stopped task switching and focused on something else. This caused them to forget about the pistol in their hand and violate a cardinal rule of safety. If you have participated in regularly scheduled training sessions and spent a couple hours a week at home practicing, you are probably in the last stage. Now, before you sit back in your chair and softy congratulate yourself, realize that this is a perishable skill. It requires regular upkeep to maintain. If you let it lapse and fall below the threshold, tragedy is just around the bend. You have to continue practicing safety. Here’s how.

Rule 1: All guns are loaded, All the time, Even if they’re not.

This rule seems easy to understand but we see egregious errors on a daily basis. This rule needs to be taken absolutely literally. It does not matter that the magazine is out. It does not matter that the slide is locked to the rear. Treat it as if it is ready to go. Playing the role of the “expert” who “knows” the condition of the firearm is a dangerous gamble. Humans are creatures of routine and habit. If you make the distinction between how to treat a loaded gun versus an unloaded gun, you will one day make a mistake and be treating a lethal tool as a benign object. We have to establish an appropriate and effective procedure that we can train into a habit. My procedure goes like this. EVERY time I am about to touch a gun, I ask myself three questions.

1. Is it pointed in a safe direction? I ask this and fix it BEFORE I pick up the gun

2. Is my finger off the trigger? I ask this before I manipulate the gun

3. Is it loaded? I ask this before I operate the gun

Every week I practice this procedure for about 30 minutes with a dummy gun (squirt gun, SIRT pistol, blue gun, etc.)

Rule 2: Keep your finger OFF the trigger until your sights are aligned with a target and you have made a conscious decision to fire

This rule is the most commonly broken for two reasons. First, firearms are ergonomically designed to make it natural for your finger to rest on the trigger. This means that you instinctively want to put your finger there. Second, people do not have a consistent finger position that is appropriately high. To fix these issues, we must find a register position that we actively seek out and find every time we are operating the firearm. A register position is any physical or tactile cue that our finger can detect easily. Register positions MUST be well above the trigger guard along the slide and frame. Register positions MUST be slightly uncomfortable. The more uncomfortable our register position is, the less likely we will be to forget where our finger is (remember task fixation?). Once we’ve found our register position, we can begin practicing.

1. Grab your dummy gun

2. Point it at the ceiling with your finger in register

3. Point your gun at a target and pause to think

4. Put your finger on the trigger

5. Put your finger in register and pause to think

6. Point your gun at the ceiling

7. Repeat

Practice this drill for 30 minutes a week

Rule 3: Never point the gun at anything you’re not willing to destroy

This rule is commonly violated due to task fixation. Focusing on the operation of the gun or your cell phone ringing will inevitably lead to you muzzling something you would not want destroyed. We’ve seen people point guns at their hands as they’re trying to load the firearm, their heads as they check their target, their neighbors as they look at the gun, and their feet as they put the gun in a bag. You must have constant conscious awareness of your muzzle. If something becomes more pressing than the gun in your hand, you need to set it down until you are ready to focus on it again. Here’s how I practice muzzle awareness.

1. Turn on the TV and grab your dummy gun

2. Watch any show with discernible targets (I like crime shows because they have “good guys” and “bad guys”)

3. When bad guy is on the screen, come on target and on trigger

4. When good guy is on the screen, come off trigger and off target

5. Repeat

This drill not only allows you to practice task switching with the firearm but you also get lots of finger discipline practice!

Rule 4: Know your target, it’s foreground, and background

Bullets go through things. They go through people, animals, doors, cars, and windows. This is true regardless of the type of projectile you are using. We cannot press a trigger unless we are A. absolutely sure it needs to be shot and B. sure that the bullet will come to rest in a safe area. You are responsible for every bullet that leaves your barrel regardless of circumstances. Keep a flashlight with your defensive gun and analyze your environment before you press that trigger. One of the best ways to practice this rule is to participate in monthly IDPA matches. This will increase you general ability level but also get you used to thinking before acting under time stressors. In a normal IDPA match, there are “shoot” targets and “no-shoot”. The “no-shoot” targets are often put behind the “shoot” targets to force a shooter to alter their angle of fire before shooting. If they do not, their bullet will pass through the acceptable target into the unacceptable target. The result is a large time penalty and friendly ridicule from other shooters.

As with anything in the firearm training world, this article has barely begun to scratch the surface. Being capable and adept at safety takes formal training and coaching as well as dedication from the student to hone their skills individually. You only have three options when traveling the road to safety: Tragedy, Embarrassment, and Practice. Let’s all agree to learn from the latter.

-Jordan Nighbert